Renegade Rocks

Renegade Belle is a BIG idea still in its inception phase. With a name like that, it had better be a fantastic, amazing, tripindicular idea. And it is. And yes, tripindicular is a word around here.

My goal with Renegade Rocks is to develop a jewelry line that speaks to women with spunk and charisma, to the anti-lady, to the girl who refuses to fit in, but instead moves to the rhythm of her own heart beat. She knows that life is short and that to make it count she must do things her own way.

The only way to truly find contentment, to live happiness, to find joy, is to be yourself. When we compromise ourselves, we become resentful. Alternately, when we are true to our heart, to our real purpose in life, when we allow that purpose to emanate outwards, that is when we find it. "It" is different for everyone - our clocks tick to different beats. This jewelry tells that story. It helps you tell your story. Because we may be tucked away at a desk working our ass off toward something bigger or because we may be hitchiking across South America, or running a surf camp in Costa Rica or on a spiritual retreat in Thailand, or kicking ass ...