Welcome to the chaos.

Question: How does a full-time working mom of three (neurodiverse) kids balance it all?

Answer: It's a trick question. She doesn't.

Welcome to the chaos, mayhem and wonder of raising three kids, nourishing a healthy marriage and working full time. And remembering to keep the cat and dog alive and well. And navigating the world of developmental and academic resources for autism and ADHD and all kinds of neurodiversities. 

I'm a partner, a mom, a daughter, a surviving sister, a friend. I'm also a (failed) entrepreneur, small business owner,  communications consultant and jewelry designer. Oh yeah, and I'm a writer (sometimes). If it isn't already obvious, I also have the gift of ADHD. And it shows in my writing.

There are no pretenses of organization or "having it figured out" here. Everyone is welcome and no one is judged. Just be your badass self and your unsure self and your everything-in-between self. 

Explore, hang out and have fun. Reach out to ask questions, share your opinion, or just to say hello. Free spirits welcome. 





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