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My Scary Mommy Repost: Transitioning To School Is Stressful AF For Parents Too

March 04, 2018 Krista Bordner

Our kiddo started kindergarten this year. One word sums it up: Overwhelmed. This process has involved a trajectory of emotion. Anxiety, excitement, fear, joy, relief, anticipation—you name it, I felt it. All we wanted was for him to get into our local, alternative, lottery-based elementary school. If he could just get in there, everything would be okay. So, maybe we don’t fit in. So, maybe it doesn’t work with our full-time work schedules (i.e., lots and lots and lots of parent involvement during the school day, which runs from 8:30-12:30 — WTF is that?). None of that mattered. I was willing do anything to...